Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Answer to World Peace

Call me crazy, I love nursing my not-quite-a-baby-anymore. I'm not so fond of being-a-prisoner-in-my-own-home nursing of a newborn except for the obvious benefits, but nursing a 14 month old is highly underrated. It is the solution to all of life's problems.

Are you sleepy? Nurse.

Are you hungry? Nurse.

Are you grumpy/cranky? Nurse.

Fall and bonk your head? Nurse.

Mad? Nurse.

Frustrated? Nurse.

Uncomfortable? Nurse.

Not getting enough attention? Yank on Mom's shirt and nurse.

Can't go outside and run into the street and get smushed by a recklessly driving teenager? Nurse.

The only thing I don't think nursing solves is a stuffy nose. Then it is only frustrating, because not only can you not breathe through your nose, your mouth is busy also.

But you try anyway, because that is the answer to all of life's frustrations.


Rhea said...

I nursed both my boys for a long time, and it easily becomes the solution to everything, like you said. It was wonderful to have an all powerful pacifier, but it also traps you and controls you! lol In a good way most of the time...but sometimes it was too much.

So, anyway, I hear ya, sista!

The RRLA Project said...

I have a 10 month old, and I can see where this is going! It seemed so easy when they just layed there and ate. My girl just started rolling over and trying to eat like a little piggy. It's hilarious. I can only see it progressing to stuff like you describe. :-)