Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Something Spunky

I wish I had something fun(ny) to post today, but I'm feeling very empty of light-hearted banter for some reason.

I'm having dreams of showing up at the ACFW conference without planning to attend (therefore having none of the "necessary" items). I have this huge desire to go, but no really great reason to do so. It's a lot of cash to lay out if I don't have something to sell and I'm not sure the next book I write will either be fiction or adult (as in not children's not adult, adult).

Neither of my sisters is well. Are well? I think is is appropriate, but are sure sounds better.

If I really did ovulate two weeks ago, I should be having a visitor by now, but am not. And the pregnancy test is negative. (I know that's what you're thinking.) Which means that I probably didn't ovulate which is GREAT. However it can be mighty disconcerting to not know.

And I'm waking in the morning fretting about the kids and school and whether to homeschool some or all of them and whether to cave to the pressure to put Frodo in full day kindergarten. Ugh.

Or I could talk about how I blew it again this morning with Frodo who said, "Do you know what I'm going to do when I get home?" and I said, "No, what?" and he said, "I'm not telling!" and I said, "Then don't ask me that is so rude I can't believe how rude that is not wonder your siblings get so annoyed I hate that!" and he said, (crestfallen) "Oh, alright, I'm going to clean the van all by myself." At which point I had to apologize and then educated him on a better way of saying "I have a surprise for you!" so that I wouldn't be stupid and yell/lecture when I shouldn't.

Yeah, none are uplifting and spunky. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Now, I'm off to teach 15 grade schoolers something half of them have already done and the other half won't pay attention to anyway.

Sounds like PMS. Maybe I ovulated after all.


Rhea said...

Do you want to be pregnant? Sounds like you're having a blah day. I have those(and had one today actually). That's when you have to pull out the stops, like browsing in a bookstore, soaking in a hot bubble bath, getting a foot massage from hubby, that sort of thing. Hope tomorrow is better!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Not particularly Rhea, but I've been around this block enough to know that if I AM pregnant, I'll be exceedingly glad the moment the second pink line shows up.

Today is already better. I've cleaned two bathrooms and done a load of laundry. Whether anyone notices or not, I know I did something. That always helps.

Rhea said...

I agree with you, accomplishing some laundry and cleaning makes me feel better too. Speaking of which, I had better do some of that today...

Glad today's a better day. Take it one day at a time.