Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Prodigal Song by James Eugene Robinson

For a deeply powerful and moving story of a God who never lets go, you ought to pick up Prodigal Song.

From an idyllic childhood, through tough years at home with a mentally ill parent, to the glamor of big city life (and fame) and the escape of addiction, God was always pursuing him.

There were so many passages of this memoir that resonated with me. When he described his personality and how it almost seems as if two people are warring within him. The feeling of being disconnected; at, but not in.

Or when he describes his mother and I wonder how close I am to being that woman, the one who also seems like two people (may my loving and wonderful days vastly outnumber those where I am angry).

He did an impressive job of showing the life of a big city addict without glamorizing it. Though it was so painful to read that it could have been over much sooner.

And together with all that was a gorgeous prose, beautiful, clean writing that pulled me along and kept me turning pages.

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