Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Score One for the Home Team

I just found out that one of Hub's old "almost" flames got arrested for having sex with a teenage student. This information is "all over the internet," but I have yet to find it. However, I will currently revel in my success at being slightly more successful in something that she wasn't successful in. The last time something was all over the internet about one of Hub's old "almost" flames, she was a model. (When we saw her at Christmas, she was on her way to London.)

Forgive me, I know I'm shallow.


Anonymous said...

Jamie...you got married when you were 20 and you dated in High School...how many old flames can he have?

Chaos-Jamie said...

Miss Jen, you know that he had one wild summer in which he attempted to break the "one date and your're married" mold of the 'boro. He had a lot of first dates. Real flames? Not many. Thus the "almost."

Anonymous said...

Which one was it?