Sunday, April 06, 2008

Maternity Shirts

Okay, I tried, but what is with the maternity shirts they are selling to the non-pregnant crowd? When I was pregnant, I couldn't find anything that wasn't skin tight (No comments about why that might be) and now that I'm not pregnant, all the new clothes are high waisted and ballooning out in the tummy area.

I bought one the other day. I decided I liked the fabric and that maybe I'd come to appreciate the look. It would, after all, hide the post baby, dimply leftovers.


I look in the mirror and see a maternity shirt. I look down and see a maternity shirt. I have a gas bubble and I think, "Oh, the baby's awake!"

I cannot do this.

I expect to go out shopping here in a bit and have someone ask me when I'm due.

Nice try designers, but I don't think this one will fly for long in the had-a-baby crowd.

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Rhea said...

This clothing style is going to encourage those mom who can't tell their pregnant until they give birth...we're going to have people dropping babies

Ok, just kidding. Did this post even make sense?