Thursday, December 18, 2008

Houston, we have a problem.

Frodo took a trip with Popin on Saturday to the Disney store. (Popin didn't get the memo that says don't take a child anywhere near toys, nor let them watch tv with commercials the week before Christmas, or you are sure to disappoint them because they will see 33 things that are absolute necessities to be wrapped and under the tree.)

Frodo, who for months has wanted the American Girl Coconut dog (and accessories) for Christmas for SIX MONTHS no matter what else mom suggested..........

wants BOLT. Only BOLT. Nothing but BOLT will do. Coconut who?

Hubs and I counted presents and dollars spent and decided we could spring for one more gift for Frodo expecting a $10 stuffed animal. Yes, I had to go to the mall AGAIN. The WEEK BEFORE Christmas. But I could do it for my child's brilliant smile on Christmas day. Disney Store here I come.

There were exactly three BOLTs in the Disney store. All HUGE and $40.

One, I'm categorically opposed to large stuffed animals. Two, forty bucks? For a stuffed animal? A huge one at that? Is it inlaid with gold? You can get diamonds for that. (Champagne ones, even.)

OK, call me crazy, but if you are going to put out a movie a month before Christmas, will you not stock your store with all the applicable action figures so as to make a pant load of money? Is every child that sees the movie NOT going to want something?


And if that isn't bad enough, they are a monopoly until the gravy train runs out. So it isnt like you can stop off at Wal-Mart and grab a mini-bolt. Oh, no. You gotta shell out the $40 for the ginormous stuffed BOLT.

I did walk away. Even though he told his entire kindergarten he was getting BOLT.

But Seriously?

(Still haven't decided if we take back three or four of his presents and let him have BOLT. Only BOLT. How much do you think he really cares? Of course it will probably be sold out by tomorrow, anyway.)


MotherT said...

Trust me on this, keep the presents you already have under the tree!!! If he asked for them for 6 months, he really does want them. BOLT is just the new kid on the block!

mommy4life said...

Yikes! I can't spend that on one stuffed animal either. Disney and their monopoly on their stuffed animals can really bite the wallet. Methinks I see a lesson for Frodo coming on....

Anonymous said...

There will be something else in a month that will be the thing HEMUSTHAVERIGHTNOW, so any disappointment will be short lived.