Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Thing Called a Blog

I vaguely remember having this thing called a blog where I posted all sorts of inane things and perfect strangers (and far too many people who know me) came and read them.

And then I lived for a week with some of my readers.

One should not blog about ones blog fodder when the blog fodder reads the blog. Unless one had very complementary things to say at which time said fodder still sometimes misinterprets good things as bad things. So.....

I'm trying to come up with something new besides:

A person just doesn't realize the degree of filth that s/he is living in until s/he lives in immaculate conditions for a week.

Which gives nice goal setting opportunities.

But also creates overwhelming panic (especially by husbands).

Because it is impossible to sanitize an entire house in a day.

Especially when children are home from school.

And all of the blog fodder hasn't yet checked out.

(And very nice blog fodder it is.)

Got dishes to do....

Happy New Year's Eve to ya!

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Hi, found your blog tonight. I just finished reading "Peace Like A River" and quickly added it to my list of favorite books. Of course, then I had to see who else in the blogosphere liked it as much as I did. Wasn't it beautifully written? I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep blogging, loving Christ, and raising great kids! Oh yes, and reading.