Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Charming has taken on the pinkeye. I know that prescription medications are intended only for the one prescribed, but if the bottle can serve three people...never mind. I won't ask.

Eldest woke with a headache. I called in sick to CBS where I was supposed to "volunteer" to help with kids. When Eldest found out he couldn't watch TV all day, he was miraculously healed. I called back and went in to "volunteer." The school called soon to send Eldest home with a headache and "fever" (of 99.5). He spent the day in bed. And then watched TV. Complained of his head all day. As a person that has migraines, I want them to be able to have headaches without a fever and stay home from school, but don't know how to screen out the fakeouts. Except to not let them out of bed when they stay home sick. But my point here is that it's a good thing that Hubs worked from home today because I wasn't home today to pick up the apparently sick child.

I have finished writing and editing my article and it is now in the hands of my crit parnters. I must send it in this week. I can't sleep until it is in. I don't know why I get so excited to be assigned these things. They make me cranky.

I quit teaching science at my kids' school two weeks ago. Well, I quit two weeks before Thanksgiving, but I've not taught for the last two weeks. I can't tell you how much I enjoy Wednesdays now. I even did some crazy cleaning. Clothes sorting. Now if I could just convince myself to dust.

I think I will go have some Cherry Vanilla Blue Bell to celebrate being nearly done with my article.

Just in time for the next round of assignments.

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