Monday, December 01, 2008

Kohl's is really staring to (bleep) me off.

So I get this email today, with this ring on it.

It's my style. Kinda antique-y. More than Hubs and I usually spend, but I gave it a long think. Should I, or shouldn't I, forward the email on to the man of the year?

I decided to go check out this ring for myself. See if you can buy it in my size. See if I like it from another angle.

I link through. It isn't there. I search around for a while. It isn't there. I call Hubs for another reason. Mention it. He looks. It's on the front page of their web site. HE can't find it, cyber genius that he is.

Half an hour later, I find it: no longer available.

I'm sure they had one. Maybe even ten for sale. And I know that all the stores do it. Offer something up that people can't resist in the hopes that they'll stay and find something else once the three they have in stock are gone.

But on top of the phantom red dress?

I'm getting a little peeved.


Anonymous said...

I hear they are having a sale...lowest prices of the season...

Anonymous said...

They had this ring on the TV advertisement tonight too for the same price.