Saturday, December 06, 2008

Princess and Santa

We took the kids to a Christmas open house at a local historic site today. They were able to emboss leather, make paper chains, string popcorn and cranberries, drink hot chocolate from a wood stove and take pictures with Santa (whose beard, incidentally, was quite real).

My kids don't do Santa. Though Frodo did ask if he got to sit "on Fake Santa's lap."

So there the kids were, probably wondering what is wrong with their mother that she wants to take their pictures sitting on Fake Santa's lap, trying to tell if Fake Santa knew there wasn't really a Santa Claus still living (they know all about St. Nicholas), and trying to come up with something they wanted for Christmas.

Santa finally told Frodo that there would be legos under the tree with Santa's name on it.


Thoughtful of him.

Frodo, thinks he's getting legos now. From Fake Santa. Whom he presumes knows where we live. Kinda like that cashier last year that asked if he could come to Frodo's birthday party (he was joking around) and Frodo really thought he'd be there and that I needed to buy pistachio ice cream for the guy who specifically asked for it.

Maybe I should have named this post "Frodo and Santa."

Anyway, all the kids talked to Santa, because they wanted the candy sticks he was handing out, ending with Princess. When he asked what she wanted, she answered, "I don't know." He guessed for a while and she solemnly shook her head no each time. Santa's helper got into the game. She volunteered "Barbie." Princess shook her head. "Do you like Hannah Montanna?" Violent head shake. The helper looked at me quizically.

What can I say? We aren't the norm at our house.

Makes it kinda hard to shop considering everything for girls (toothbrushes and panties and such) have either Dora, Disney Princesses, and Hanna Montanna on them. Or Bratz. Which she calls, "those foolish girls." Growing too old for Dora. Tolerates the princesses though the toothbrushes look posessed. Would wonder WHAT on EARTH I was thinking if I bought her the others.

I think I finally just bought her the green crayola toothbrush for her stocking.

She's a hard nut to crack, that one. She doesn't like what other little girls like. She likes "olden days" and reading books about other cultures. I like that about her, but it makes giving difficult.

Especially for Santa.



Anonymous said...

Would she like a latch hook rug kit? Or maybe those kits that help you make pot holders? Those are sort of "olden days"-like gifts.

If only my aunt still had all the petticoats we used to play with. Princess would LOVE those! They were authentic, though, hence the reason they no longer exist :).

Anonymous said...

There will be Legos under the tree. Grandparents have a direct line with Santa.