Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And Now For the Inane

I know. I took nearly three weeks off. I fell out of the blogging habit. And now I'm back and what am I going to be obsessed with? Potty training.

I apologize in advance.

Any of you that have been through it will sort of understand. It is all I will think about for several weeks. How long has it been? How much have I cleaned out of the carpets? Should I give up?

I would love to not blog about it, but if I don't, I might go black. There is only a micron of space left in my brain to think about anything else. Hopefully that micron will often trickle its way onto the blog. But for now, here goes:

Potty training, day 1:

I was going to wait until January 6 to begin. Take January 5 as a vacation day, per se, and hit the ground running. But as all good kids do, Charming made a liar of me. He had a dry diaper after 2.5 hours. So I asked him if he wanted to go potty and get an m&m. He said "yeah." I got the potty out of the garage. I took off his diaper and sat him on it. He ricocheted off the potty like it was giving him an electric shock. The potty was approximately -14 degrees.

I offered to take him upstairs to the big potty. He refused and tried to warm up the throne. Ricocheted off it again.

Trust me, this is going somewhere.

Finally sat on the throne and went.

Yes, he did.

First try.

Unless you count all the other first tries of the last 6 months.

Got an m&m. Liked it so much he sat down and squeezed out a little more. Got another.

Diapered. Put to bed.

Got up this AM with a dry diaper.

Yes, he did.

Pottied. Got an m&m. Wanted his new Cars pants that I promised if he would poo.

Yes, I'm a weenie and did let him have them. Forty-five minutes later, he wanted to go again. Dribbled a bit in his pants. Recognized it and stopped. Sat on the throne and went. Again.


And I think (HOPE!) that is the only play by play I will give this potty training session. I'm just so darned excited that we don't seem to have the release problem I've had with other kids. And he seems to want to succeed. Yes, I'm only 12 hours in. But usually by 12 hours in I've cleaned up thirteen messes and had zero successes.

So, I'm praising God this morning. And thanking Charming.

As for my January "goals?"

I plead the fifth.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am so excited for you!!! I will listen to/read all about your potty training. After all, I owe you for listening to/reading about mine!

Yay, Charming!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

MotherT said...

YAY!!! That's great!!! My oldest (Mrs. Lemon) was a breeze to potty train. She made up her mind that she wanted big girl panties, and didn't have an accident for 6 months. My youngest, however, said "Whatever!" and it was the toughest battle of my life! Just before her 4th birthday, we finally were consistently dry and using the potty.

mommy4life said...

Congrats! I'm also jealous!

Chaos-Jamie said...

MFL, you don't get to be jealous for AT LEAST three months. At which time I'm sure that she'll be right on board. Doesn't hurt that her best buddy is doing it. "If Charming jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"