Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mother of the Year Award (yes, that's tongue in cheek)

And the winner is.....

Well, yesterday afternoon of potty training wasn't nearly as grand as the morning. All Charming was interested in doing was nurse, NURSE, NURSE. Considering I would love to wean the child as soon as potty training is underway, you can imagine that I was thrilled. Clingy and nursing was not how I pictured the afternoon going.

The good news was that his nap was dry. Particularly good because he had on cotton pants and was sleeping ON me while he nursed. You can imagine my frustration when he wouldn't potty when he woke.

"Chur," he demanded.

He went to bed really early though. Should have been my first clue.

Yes, he puked all over his bed.

And again.

And again.

And on my shoulders. Both of them.

And the lamby. The source of comfort when one is ill.


Why must children always puke in the dark?

Dry night. Potty in the morning. Acting normal. Then, whamo!, midmorning, "Chur," he demanded. I insisted he sit on the potty first. He did. He walked away from the dry potty. Poo'd all over the floor. Drove his dump truck through it and around the loop of the house.


Cleaned the boy. Cleaned the mess. Nursed all afternoon. Yes, approximately four hours. While sleeping. In cotton pants. ON me.

Stayed dry. (glory)

When we went to pick up the kids from school, he puked all over himself.


My advice. Don't potty train while child is puking. Or maybe do. He stays dry great lengths of time. Maybe because all his fluids are coming out the top half.


mommy4life said...

So sorry to hear that. I'll be praying that noone else comes down with it!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I'll be praying, too! So sorry!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

MotherT said...

I will repeat the advice I gave Mrs. Lemon--get some baby yogurt, you are going to need it. AND make some very liquid jello.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...that sounds miserable!! Hope he's better soon.