Monday, January 26, 2009

No to Be Morbid or Anything

I'm starting to understand why suicide rates go up in January. (Or do they? I'm going off memory here.) ((not that I'm planning to off myself, or anything. I'm just saying.))

I spend more time in doctor's offices in January than any other season.

I have kids dripping out of every orifice in their faces.

I have kids wake with dried blood cakes on their little cheeks (from thinned membranes in the nose...nothing worse, thank goodness).

I have kids wake all night.

I find out about antibiotic allergies.

I learn what hives look like.

I give lots of money to the medical community for telling me what I already know.

I regret NOT getting my nursing license and going on for the NP so that I can self diagnose.

I just want to scream.

And sleep.

Glorious sleep, where art thou? And when wilt thou return?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Let me tell it to you like it is...I am not going to hold back, my friend.

January SUCKS!

It always has and, I am afraid, it always will.

I know, tell you something you don't already know...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything to add, though I'd like to "second" Mrs. NB's assertion that January SUCKS.

Boy Mom said...

Double Dittos! Though it seems more accurate to say January drips, Oozes and coughs! (Don't hate me Mrs. Nurse Boy). I just wish something would SUCK the crud erupting from all the orifices around here.

Hope you get some sleep soon!