Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last weekend Hy-Vee clearanced out some of their exercise videos and health and fitness books.

Didn't buy any books. I know you're shocked. But as if I need the guilt.

They had a couple videos that intrigued me, so I picked them up. One was a "dancer's body" DVD and the other "10 minute miracles" or something.

Heck, if you could have a body like that in 10 minutes a day, wouldn't you want it?

I put in the dance DVD yesterday and about halfway through it I decided it was a waste of my time. It wasn't doing anything.

Never mind the rubber legs I had afterwards. I blamed it on a lack of Pepsi.

Oh, mercy, I hurt tonight.


mommy4life said...

Day after soreness is the worst...

Boy Mom said...

you make me laugh! Loved the Pepsi post.

I've secretly coveted that dance video and the in home barre. I just know that if I got it that pink leotard and tutu would fit perfectly.