Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Randomness

Mrs. Nurse Boy has to be random on Monday's because she can't think that early in the week. I guess I have to be random because I can't seem to think on Fridays. Except about what I should be doing and am not.

This morning I experienced road rage. I really and truly wanted to flip off the lady that WOULDN'T LET ME OVER. Not only that, when I succumbed to staying in my stupid lane, she crosses behind me two lanes over so I had to resist the urge for SEVEN blocks rather than just on that first pass. AFTER I missed my turn because of her. I'm still a little steamed.

I have two kids coughing up a lung. One with laryngitis. One with "an infected inset bite" (insect bite????? Seriously? In January?). One with intermittent sundown fevers. And I feel totally fine. Go figure.

Oh, and fever boy is crying. Gotta go.

Peace out.

(I got that from a hip friend of mine.)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I'll let you in on a secret. I have to resist being random most days. With three kids constantly making demands of me, I only have time for random thoughts. Unless I lock myself in the bathroom. Unfortunatly, I DO NOT have a laptop or I would smuggle it in there for some deeper writing.

You, however, seem to have several reasons to be random.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Anonymous said...

I flipped someone off one time when I was a teenager. Then I realized to my shame, horror, and embarrassment that I passed him and flipped him off...with a Jesus bumper sticker on my car. To this day that's burned in my memory and I've never done it since.

I've also never put another Jesus bumper sticker on my car, just in case I accidently do something stupid when I'm driving, and tick someone off unintentionally.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's better to smile & wave and vent steam on your blog. Too many people have done something to make the other driver mad, and the driver followed them home. Bad news.

Anonymous said...

We were doing a video series in Sunday School and the instructor challenged us on road rage (not that I've ever experienced that, ahem).

He said "you never know what people are going through that might cause them to be bad drivers".

In other words, she could have been distracted because she just got bad news at the doctor. Or her husband left this morning.

Or the dog ate her Manolos.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I was just so totally shocked at how incredibly furious I was with the woman. I'm usually very forgiving to other drivers, but at this one corner I think I might be able to do something ferocious. I am infuriated EVERY time I go through it on the way to school.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

"Peace out" was hip five years ago. Has it been that long since you saw this hip friend of yours?

The word verification is Schybdog. Now that is hip.
Sup Schybdog.