Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Speaking of Using Words I Shouldn't

If I'd had a spare hand and a butcher knife with me this afternoon, I might very well have eviscerated the (bleep) who felt it was her God-given duty to let me know that my fit-throwing baby was causing a disruption and I should take him home.

Oh, you noticed that, did ya?

Did you notice that I had abandoned my cart and was heading towards the door with my baby?

Yeah, I think you did notice. I think you just wanted to give yourself the satisfaction of telling that young, frazzled, mother just what you thought of her parenting tactics. And you know what? You are a rude, nasty, woman with a propensity for DOG SOCKS (yes, I do know it was you making your "anonymous" comments under the dressing room door), and a deep seated need for JESUS, and one more thing, if you put half the effort into practicing a smile when your precious peace is being disrupted, you might notice that I'm not really enjoying the fit either. Thus the reason that I abandoned my cart even though I desperately need a bra that fits.

So I'm sorry that 15 seconds of your day was taken up with my screaming baby. I hope you rot in loneliness the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 45 seconds of your day.

You certainly can't have any friends with that nastiness you call yourself.

It's a good thing I left my butcher knife safely at home. Unfortunately, I know how to eviscerate with keyboards, also.

And on a related topic: I wsa in such a hurry to get my brat out of the store that we lost one of his LL Bean Bear slippers. I hope IN the store and someone turns it in to customer service and not in the parking lot where it will be driven over beyond recognition. Not that I can go back and find out for a minimum of two hours. Because I have all these kids that are unwelcome in public places.



Anonymous said...

I like screaming babies.


Anonymous said...

Oh...THIS must be the woman who was unworthy of your anger.

Guess I'm off the hook this time.

Sorry you had such a frustrating day. People are clueless. She had no kids, obviously.