Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Musings

Re: Facebook: I now have 81 "friends," approximately three of which have actually spoken to me in the last week. And I'm not sure that many have. I can be certain of two. Not only that, but I get to see "friends" planning outings and movie nights to which I am not invited. I'm not sure this is good for my psyche. What IS the benefit to public conversations?

I have, however, exchanged some very pleasant messages with a friend I haven't seen in 14.5 years. I suppose there are SOME redeeming qualities to public "friendship."


My children's unhealthy addiction to Wii is good news for my home cleanliness. They don't get to play unless the entire ground floor is picked up. They know and just start cleaning before they even ask. It is a beautiful thing.

Re: Wii playing: I am addicted to We Cheer. It is official. I MUST beat it. Otherwise I'll be certain that all six years of cheerleading I did in the 80s and 90s were for naught.


Concerning unhealthy addictions: Since cutting way back on my Pepsi intake, coffee with creamer that has cooled in the slightest tastes like sour milk. As coffee without creamer is unpalatable, I am consuming great quantities of tea. Instant tea. Which is what I was raised on. And though it makes me feel redneck, I do, actually, prefer it.


Charming has a bladder of iron. Even when he doesn't use the potty most of the day, I'm still only cleaning up accidents once, maybe twice. Though it does make it hard to get on a schedule. Do I or don't I put him in pull-ups when we go out? If we were to stay home he'd be dry the whole time, but in public?


I had to explain to my children today that even grown-up can have their feelings hurt by other people. They don't much understand why mommies sometimes cry and yell for no apparent reason.


I read a book today that was staggeringly beautiful and a ridiculous downer all at the same time. Needless to say, I won't be promoting it on my blog. But I would LOVE to talk about it with someone. However, I can't even ask someone else to read it because the content was less than moral. I hate that.


My husband has planned a getaway for us that is also business so that it barely costs us anything. I've been dreaming of this type of thing since before Charming was born. I hope I'm not disappointed.


Charming is still residually ill. I don't know if he's "recovering" and weak, or still sick. Time will tell. Meanwhile he still wants to nurse all the time. He keeps winning the pitiful vote since I'm not sure.


I cleaned off my "ledge" for company this weekend. Hubs said, "The worst thing about the ledge being clean is that it is a sea of yellow."

Too true, babe. Too true.


Anonymous said...

There's a Wii cheer?!? I would so kick your butt. Then I'd hit a perfect high-v. I've had more practice in recent years, what with my coaching Upward and all.

Of course you can probably still fit in your cheerleading uniform. You've got me beat there!

I still want a Wii. I can't believe I'm the one doing the pushing (AM hasn't asked for one for months).

Video games certainly can be bad in large quantities, but don't underestimate their value as a bargaining tool.

I'd read your immoral book, but I don't know what it is.

Of course I just read Kevin Leman's "New Kid" book and I think I may just be stuck with my "old" kid.

Kevin Leman would tell you to take Charming out in big boy undies and let "reality" be the teacher. If he pees his pants in public, he'll have to deal with the public implications of that and ride home with wet pants.

Me thinks Dr. Leman likely had a wife that handled the potty training.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Yay! for getting away with your hubby! You deserve it! We are treating ourselves this weekend for our anniversary. I hope your time away is just what you both need.

Mrs. Nurse Boy