Thursday, January 08, 2009

rethinking those "goals"

As the migraine begins to set in, I'm starting to reevaluate the "giving up Pepsi" goal for the year.

I know I was going to allow myself two a day for January and decrease from there, but I had part of one on Tuesday that didn't taste very good (probably been in my garage too long or something). I thought that might be a good place to leave off altogether. Who craves something that tasted bad the last time they had one?

I also had a nap Tuesday and Wednesday holding/nursing the sleeping baby.

No nap today. No Pepsi either.


So, I'm going back. Weaning off gradually. Today I had the generic equivalent of two Excedrine Migraine with a Mountain Dew, which I guess still isn't a Pepsi, but defeats the purpose.

Here's to tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If the choice is Mountain Dew or Pepsi, I'd stick with the Pepsi!

Chaos-Jamie said...

there was no choice. The headache came on sudden like while I was driving past home. I ran in to the mini fridge in the garage where the options were mountain dew, strawberry pop and a 2 liter of coke. I grabbed caffeine and ran back out to pick up the kids. Pepsi is store INSIDE where it belongs. easy access and all that.

Anonymous said...

Excedrin and Mountain that's quite a caffeine kick! Did it help?

I understand the Pepsi addiction. Mine is Diet Coke, but it's equally severe.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Diet Coke is my drug of choice (after my coffee in the morning).

Since you needed caffeine and needed it fast, Mountain Dew was definitely a better choice.

MotherT said...

Give me my Diet Pepsi!!! If I'm going to have a caffeine addiction, I'm going to like the taste of it!