Monday, January 25, 2010

My Disney Princess "Moment"

I know that if you don't know Charming, you won't recognize this look. It LOOKS bored, maybe vidiot-ified. This look is SHOCK. This is his face the moment he saw Lightning McQueen IN REAL LIFE.

I'll admit it, I spent three and a half days laughing at the poor parents that had to stand in line to meet obscure characters. My kids didn't care enough to make it worth it. We did wait 15 minutes to meet Woody and Jessie. Maybe 2 minutes to meet Buzz Lightyear. But, for the most part, we skipped it. Until we hit our last day on Disney and I set my heart and mind on letting Charming meet Lightning. We were on a search mission and it didn't matter that it was raining buckets, we were looking for Lightning. I now add myself to the insane parents that faced the elements so their kid could meet a character representation.

Here we are in line, taking a photo with the Radiator Springs A Happy Place wall, because it cracks Charming's parents up and because waiting in line to see lightning really DID make it a happy place. You can see Charming wants to go over there. Guess where Lightning is?

Here we find that Charming is fascinated by Mater, an unexpected but happy sidekick. He was rather frightened of Lightning. I think he was so starstruck he gave a wide berth.

Starstruck, however, didn't mean he wanted to make way for the next kid in line. Very unhappy.

But Mama left feeling very pleased with herself. Ha! Success! At this point, I felt like we had "done Disney." Unfortunately for me, NOW I want to go back. We've been home two weeks. Sigh.

I did look into Disney's Give a Day Get a Day program. It really doesn't take much to get your day. Lots of volunteer opportunities. Well worth it if I thought I'd make to back to Florida this year.

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mommy4life said...

looks like awe on his face to me! :-)