Tuesday, January 05, 2010

She's Baaaaaack

I've been gone for essentially two weeks. Two very long weeks. Two very full weeks. And I realized about day 10 that I'd been away from my beloved internet for a great length of time and didn't even notice.

Apparently it's my procrastinating tool. Or my entertainment tool. It is not my essential, must do or will die, tool.

I came online a couple days ago to check my email and discovered not ONE that required a response.

I came home today and went through the mail. Exactly ONE exciting thing came in two weeks. One bill and a stack of recycling material.

I've discovered that when your life is your family and you take your family with you....no one needs you much.

All about Disney another day. I got up this morning at the equivalent of 3:45 and I'm shot.

Besides, I'm pretty sure none of you is waiting on pins and needles to find out what I have to say. I know that because, well, no one commented on my silence while I was silent.

I feel very small.

And I'm OK with that.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Oh, I noticed you were gone. I was just trying not to hate you while you enjoyed beautiful weather and we were waking up to -4degrees.

Hope you all had a blast!

Mrs. NB

Chaos-Jamie said...

I'm not fooled, Mrs, you noticed b/c there was no car pool buddy! (It was cold in FL too. 40 might not seem cold here, today, but when you don't have appropriate clothing it's mighty painful.)

Sr Citizen said...

Hay, that is pretty harsh - we knew exactly where you were and stayed away to give you a rest. No new stuff to worry about, you already have a 2 year old to keep on the pot.

Besides, I can't find my coffee cup and wondered if it found it's way to Disneyland. No not really, just hope you got a little rested.

AND that I can find my coffee cup - yawn, tired of looking. Sr

Liz said...

Oh, no, I wanna hear all about Disney. Quiet time is over :)

S said...

I also can't wait to hear about your trip! You make me chuckle. I like that you won't sugar coat the fun and will be honest about the ridiculousness--unless the entire trip was ALL bliss! Here's to hoping for your sake that it was...not really. Hurry!