Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Typical

My children's personalities exhibited themselves so perfectly this morning that I can't help but share.

The first thing Frodo told me upon awakening is that he would make his own lunch this morning. I said, "Great," and proceeded downstairs.

When I got downstairs and pushed the button on my coffee maker, I looked up and saw Eldest making his own lunch. He asked a couple questions, but for the most part, made his own lunch.

Frodo proceeds to the garage to get the "juicy oranges" (mandarins in a can) for his lunch. While coming in, decides he also would like them for breakfast. Plops them on the counter and heads back to the garage for another can...at which point Princess yells for him to bring her a can also.

Frodo and Princess each bring in a can (b/c he insisted she come with him to the garage). I've already opened the two cans he first brought in and dumped them in bowls for them to eat for breakfast. They each take a bowl. Frodo tells me he'll make his lunch after he eats. I continue to open the mandarins and put them in lunch containers.

Princess asks in a supremely whiny voice, "Do we haaaaaaaaaaaaave to make our own lunches?" I tell her I have it under control. She goes back to her throne and re-situates her tiara. I mean, she goes back to reading her book and eating her mandarins.

Meanwhile, I'm helping Eldest get the last of the jelly out of the jar for his sandwich. Frodo comes and begins to make his sandwich. He gets out one slice of bread and the ham. Decides he can't figure out how to put the ham on the bread. I tell him I'll take care of it. He disappears. I finish packing the lunches.

My dissection of this morning's lunch episode and how it relates to the children: Frodo talks a big talk, and he means well, but his follow through stinks. Eldest just does what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Princess would rather someone else do.

As an aside. After this drama that wasn't (because I am apparently not hormonal today) I remembered....they're bringing pizza in for the kids today. All the lunches are now in the fridge for tomorrow.

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MotherT said...

Isn't it amazing how children reared by the same set of parents can be so vastly different??? I love the way you described the lunch-making!