Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trying Something New

So, forgoing the usual goals regarding my Pepsi addiction (as they don't work), I made a new rule for myself.

I can have as much Pepsi as I want, provided I drink the equivalent amount of water first.

Hey, it's workin' for me. Far better than the whole I-can-only-have-one-a-day restriction that caused me to go through withdrawal and only think about Pepsi all day. Now I think, gee, I want a Pepsi, I chug a glass of water and help myself. Besides, usually once I start on the water, the Pepsi doesn't hold as much appeal. For which I am very thankful.

Because yes, Dad, I know it isn't good for me.


Senior Citizen said...

Wonder if the water deal would work for a chip and dip craving?

Think I'll try it before looking for that darn lost coffee cup? Suppose it would if I could find the cup in the bathroom. Sr.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I think you'd need to go for something crunchy. Carrots. All the chips you want as long as you eat the equivalent amount of carrots/celery/lettuce first.