Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best Mom Ever

...and how that was short lived.

So last week, about Wednesday, I took my kids to Wal-Mart to pick up some Claritin--very important stuff in the Spring. We had to walk past about fifteen carts full of clearance Easter stuff at 50% off. My son wanted to spend his money on one of those pre-filled baskets. I okayed it. Then he decided he wanted a bigger basket with bigger jets in it. He didn't have the money for that one. Big disagreement. Declared "unfair." Even though I explained, patiently, that the transforming jets basket was only $5 and the big jet basket was $10 and he only had $5 (and should be thankful that I would cover the tax).

Fast forward to Friday. I went to Wal-Mart again for something else (Wal-Mart is superclose to my house). Baskets are now marked down to 75% off therefore the big jet basket is now $5 and I point that out (see son, how patience is a virtue and works out for good?).

He decides he wants the transforming jets instead. How about that? His sister also wants a basket which I let her pick out. But I can't really let the two of them have one and not let the three year old (with no concept of money except that his siblings and parents like it so it must be good) have one. When we get to the check out counter I pay. My eldest son keeps trying to pay and I tell him it is a gift.

Declared for the rest of the morning, "You are the Best Mom Ever."

How I wish he could remember that today. But I'll revel in my glorious, though short lived, title.

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Anonymous said...

Love those kids! You are a great Mom! You are prayed for daily!