Monday, April 03, 2006

Finding Faith

It came in the mail Thursday and boy was my son disappointed. He thought it was Jimmy Neutron. I was not so disappointed. I put my other books down and started it.


Listen to these lines:

"...he'd been as distant as Australia since he drove her home."

"There should be a proverb explaining how to get out of the web once it was already woven."

"Anxiety tiptoed across Paula's skin."

Who can come up with stuff like that? And that's not the half of it. In the middle of the book, I actually gasped. And then I shrieked, "She didn't!" She being Denise. I never saw it coming. Never. And I won't tell you any more about it because you need to have the gasp moment. Afterward I kept wondering how I didn't see it coming. But I didn't. And I consider myself a pretty see-it-coming type gal.

All I know is that you (and you and you and you) need to read this book. Finding Faith by Denise Hunter. You won't be disappointed.


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