Sunday, April 23, 2006

Queen Esther & the Second Graders of Doom

I know what you're thinking. At least I was. No she isn't a teacher. Not in the traditional sense. She teaches Sunday school which presents its own special set of circumstances. At least I assume so.

Can I just say this book is hilarious?

Not your traditional mom-lit. At least the mom-lit I've read. Most mom-lit out there has mothers of teenagers. (Actually Allie has one of those too--Bad Heiress Day--you should check it out)Or the standard working woman juggling house and job. But Queen Essie (Okay Allie, fess came up with this AFTER too many renditions of Veggies didn't you?) is my kind of gal. She sarcastic, but not acidic. She's feisty,but not mean. Her husband has his moments, her kid does as well. Well, there is the ear infection thing. I'm one of the have nots--thank you Jesus!--so I don't get it, but I know many who will.

No, just a regular young mom, doing her part and teaching Sunday school to a bunch of bratty kids (age appropriate behavior, of course) and dealing with their bratty, ahem, I mean obsessive moms. And she comes to care for the kids, AND their moms. And there are nifty side stories about returning to work, all or nothing personalities, and breast cancer. All good stuff. Not preachy, just real. REAL, people.

And the author, Allie Pleiter, is guest blogging for me on Tuesday. Come on back. She's got some great things to say.

On another note, guess who is the best mother ever? I'll tell ya all about it later this week.

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