Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dove Unconditional Chocolate Ice Cream, a Poem

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee when my son attempts to behead his brother with a garage door.
I love thee when my heart recovers its normal rhythm.
I love thee when my husband has left for yet another business trip.
I love thee when I hear wretched news.
I love thee when my confusion overwhelms my brain.
I love thee when my stomach grumbles.
I love the caress of your ganache on my tongue.
I love the hug of your creamy goodness across my lips.
I love the fullness of your chunks.
I love each and every one of your eighteen fat grams.
I love that your taste lasted through bedtime.
I love that I could remember you while reading The Dawn Treader yet again.
I love that one coffee-spoon-full will stave my craving.
I love that you wait frozen for me.
I love that you care not whether I final.
I love that you caught my eye at the store, even before I knew I would weep.
Above all, my Dove Unconditional Chocolate Ice Cream, above all,
I'll love you forever if you will just ignore the siren call of my hips.


belhady said...

this seems like an old blog - but I just have to say - I LOVE YOUR POEM!! and am soooo sad that I cant find this insanely amazing ice cream anywhere anymore.. AAHHHH! great poem! :)

Chaos-Jamie said...

you wouldn't believe the number of people that find my blog due to this poem. Who knew? Unfortunately, Dove doesn't love me enough to provide their ice cream any more. That is, anywhere I can find it!

lostwithoutDUC said...

I am at least happy to see that I am not the only person mourning the loss of this ice cream which was, bar none, the best chocolate ice cream EVER!!!

lostwithoutDUC said...

Oh, I see one post is dated 2006. Well, I live in Metro Atlanta, GA. My local grocer sold it until the end of 2011.