Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Feel Woozy

Can't you just hear Madame Blueberry saying that? I've been quoting her for over a week now. It is as if I've been walking around with about a point one percent blood alcohol level and I haven't taken a drink.

I have this nasty head cold. Sinus infection? I don't know. And I'm a nose breather so it's been pretty ugly the last few days. I'll have dreams that I'm under water. Or trapped in a cave. Or breathing, but for some reason there is no oxygen in the air and I'll wake up and gasp because it is that ingrained in me to breath through my nose when I sleep. But that isn't the worst part.

For several days I've thought I must have a lot of pressure on my inner ear because when I flopped over onto my back, my world would spin. I've had inner ear infections before and it feels much like that except it really only happens with sharp head movements or in just the right angle.

But other days? Dang. I blink and blink and blink and can't focus. And my heart races. And the world just tilts and I wonder if I should be driving but my daughter has ice skating lessons and I have to go!!!

I have two theories and I remembered them both on the same day. Thursday night just after I'd spent the whole day "drunk," I remembered that my mom told me psudophedrine causes heart palpitations or racing or something (don't sue me drug guys...I don't know what it does exactly and I still use it) and I've been taking TONS. Not more than the recommended dose. Not even as much as is allowed in 24 hours, but two in the morning and two just before I go to bed. Unless of course I take a shot of the Wal-Mart version of NyQuil. And no, I don't do that in the morning or I'd know what was causing the drunkenness. Anyway, four a day is a lot more than none which is normal life, or one just before bed which is pregnant and nursing life and I've been living it up lately without being responsible for someone else's brain development.

Anyway, feeling that crazy out of control is scary for a girl that considers herself very healthy. I worry enough about it that I wondered if my blood pressure shot up, or I was going diabetic or something. And THEN I remembered that the last time I was freaking out that I was on my way six feet under, I'd been taking pseudopherine and my mom had told me to stop and lo and behold I got better (couldn't breathe mind you, but I could see again). So I've gone cold turkey since Thursday and no more drunk.

But my head still spins when I turn it a certain way. (And I have those drowning dreams.)

And then I remembered last month when I tried to demonstrate a backwards somersault to my daughter and messed up my upper back that although I no longer have excruciating pain, it is still tight. So I'm wondering if I have a pinched nerve.

See the hysteria that sets in when you walk around inebriated without having imbibed?

Hopefully I can think clearly enough tomorrow to tell you all about Finding Faith. I actually gasped out loud while reading it.

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