Sunday, April 09, 2006

Time Flies

Tonight, as I often do on Sundays because of the "all 80s weekend," I cranked on the radio while I cooked supper (pancakes), turned it down for eating, but when "Wild Wild West come on, I cranked it back up and danced a jig in the kitchen with my daughter.

I know better than to start that. One dance is never enough. But, as I often do with leftover pancake batter, I was trying to finish the batch and pled "must cook, dance with Daddy." I even threw on "he's a good dancer" even though it was a blatant lie. I give him credit, he will dance with me, but he grew up Mennonite (they converted me for a bit) and dancing is just not their thing. Tee-hee.

Anyway, Journey was on. Journey reminds me of us when we were young. Hubby, cornered, stood to dance with Daughter and put her on his toes to dance in what he called the Middle School Fashion--swaying back and forth. We got to giggling over that as I placed my hands on his shoulders, stiff armed him and we all three swayed. Until I had to flip the pancakes.

As I cooked, I caught them out of the corner of my eyes and I was stricken by my husband all grown up. We are living the life we dreamed when we were fifteen. I'm not dancing with my Daddy and dreaming about Mr. Right, my daughter is.

My husband turned 30 last week. Considering I beat him to that milestone by a good six months, 30 doesn't sound ALL that old. 'BOUT STINKIN' TIME! But we have known each other longer now than we haven't. I am amazed at the continual marching of time.

When I look at him now, I see someone comfortable. I forget that he used to make my stomach flutter just by brushing past me in the hall. I caught his smell this morning in church. And it isn't the smell I fell in love with. (We get that one when we spend a week with his parents--Ummmmm) But it smells like him. Like my pillow.

Something about the juxtaposition of Journey, a song I equate with falling in love with him, and him dancing with OUR daughter just makes me feel all romantic and nostalgic inside. I may have to go put the CD on and see if I can get him to dance with me.

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Anonymous said...

/good for you Jamie! Glad you own that CD!!!