Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mornings, How I Hate Them

It's my husband's fault. He's just loud. Actually, recently I've figured out that we all are loud people. I know this because I drove my niece and my daughter to go ice skating a couple weeks ago. My niece was sitting right behind me while my daughter was sitting in the far back row. I heard my daughter loud and clear. My niece? Couldn't hear a word. Not even when I told her to speak up. And no radio was on. She can be standing right in front of me and I can be looking at her mouth and have no clue what she is asking.

And I knew I yelled a lot. Not anger yelling (though I'm not immune) just "what do you want and why are your fighting again, and quit sitting on your sister's head." Would you walk across the backyard in your bare feet to tell them quietly when you could holler it from the back door? My neighbors probably think I'm crazy. Actually they know I'm crazy. They are all original occupants of our subdivision and chose to not have children so they could have vacations in Hawaii. How I can't wait until I get to go and can tell them so.

ANYWAY.....So my husband can not get up and showered and dressed in the morning without waking the house. He is incapable of dressing on the part of the floor that doesn't squeak. He's just loud. And the spring sunlight is trying so hard to filter its way through my blinds. And the birds are twitterpated and I just want to sleep until the kids get up. Which will be shortly because my husband doesn't know how to go down the stairs and skip the squeaky ones.

And I want to run screaming from the house in frustration.

Because the thing is, it isn't that the kids get up early. It's that if my husband sleeps in, so do the kids. Which makes it his fault that I am so grumpy on the mornings that he gets up early to go to toastmasters which usually corresponds to his working late nights. ('nother subject)

Am I right, or am I right? Right. Right. Right. Right. Right.


Sue Jackson said...

More great posts, Jamie! I can always relate. How about when you scream, "Stop yelling!"? That's my favorite crazy mom moment. We also live in a neighborhood with few kids - I can't imagine what the neighbors think when I yell for/at the kids.

My husband tries to be quiet when he's getting dressed in the morning, but then he sits on the bed to put on his socks and shoes, and it feels like he's jumping up and down on it!

Thanks for making me smile!


Chaos-Jamie said...

Seriously! Yesterday I was at the library with my kids and boy did we get the looks. Mom whisper of "hush! quit yelling!" can be oddly loud.

That reminds me of one time when I was in college (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) walking past a woman in the parking lot who yelled, "G*&^%%#@t! I told you we aren't going to fight!" I have laughed about that for years.