Sunday, August 27, 2006

All it took was a deadline.

I did it. I worked on my first 19 pages of my novel this weekend. I will take a gander at the next five and then send it in for the slash and dash. That should be the last thing I really have to put any mental wherewithal into until conference next month. A good thing, too, since I am so incredibly sleepy these days I almost can't stand in the shower long enough to shave.

Oh, and I feel great (besides the sleepies). Thanks for asking, Tess. BTW, have you read Arms of Deliverance yet? Wow. Great book.

I also wrote reviews I've been putting off. When I finally get around to writing them, I wonder why I put them off for so long.

I also started The Three Musketeers which I told my book club (in no uncertain terms) that I would not be participating in this month. I did, though, begin the abridged version. I have to say that sometimes the best way to read Dumas is in the abridged. I have no idea what I could possibly be missing out on. If you think you just hate classics, pick up the abridged sometime.

I think I hear my mom choking...

There are some things you can't abridge:
Gone With the Wind (Mitchell)
The Thorn Birds (McCullough)
North and South (Jakes)
Jane Austin (come on, really any of them)

See? I'm not opposed to long books, nor classics, but sometimes the TBR (To Be Read) pile is just too great to spend a fortnight on Dumas. (Maybe it is just the French classics that get to me?)

Sorry, Mom.

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the lizness said...

Add to that "Little Women" - or anything by LM Alcott

Just finished reading it, I should post it sometime this week.