Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well it wasn't a bean...

Tonight, as I was trying to charge out of the house to get to a meeting, Eldest came into the kitchen with a big, fat tear running down his face.

"M-o-m (cough), could you get this out of my nose?"

Oh, the dreaded small thing shoved up a nose issue, one in which I have no experience. I transferred my view from his eyes to his nostrils that I was wondering why he was pointing skyward. There in the back of his nose was a k'nex...connector?

"Freeze! Don't breathe! Let me get a tweezers." (Yes, I think I commanded him to not breathe. I meant through the nose. I saw my get-out-of-ER-free card, and I didn't want to waste it.)

It came right out. It helped that it was a tiny tube and therefore easily grabable (with tweezers).
I didn't laugh until it was out. He was embarrassed once I started laughing, so I tried to stop. I have no idea why it was in his nose, but I'm sure he learned his lesson.

Do ya suppose the other two were paying attention?


the lizness said...

hate to bust your bubble, but my sister had a bean up her nose, we went to the er, got a good lecture, we went home, and I promptly put a small button up my nose.

Not this weekend, of course...

kpjara said...

I can't believe you laughed at his pain...AND I'm sure the other kids watched and thought: mom is so weird when she's pregnant!

I tagged you for a Meme if/when you're feeling better BTW!