Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Anticlimactic Morning

After all my fretting over the first day of school, you'd think that I would be able to tell some heart warming/heart rending story, but mostly I just have tidbits.

First, I never got a chance to say goodbye, or hug or kiss because we got wrapped up in bureaucracy and my kids just stoically trampled off.

Princess wanted to know on the way home when tomorrow would be so that she could go back to school. (Not that she remembered that two hours later when she related all the reasons she never wanted to go back.)

Eldest said, "That was NOT fun, at all." But I think he was just being "cool."

And I realized that for all my anxiety over the first day of school I totally missed the idea that this is everyday for the next nine months.

That one was much harder for me to take than this initial separation. This was a LIFE-CHANGING decision. I'm glad I prayed about it.

And on another note, I'm thrilled to report that I got a copy of Siri Mitchell's The Cubicle Next Door in the mail today. I am so positively excited. Alas, I will no be writing 20 new pages for conference, I will just submit the usual.

I'm not a fiction writer. I'm a fiction reader. And that is okay. Okay? OKAY?

Okay, I am a fiction writer, but I am not a prolific fiction writer. And this just ain't my year. Anyhoo, I am a super huge fan of Siri's stuff, so of course, only 25 pages into this one, I highly recommend it. If you like chick lit. If you don't, go buy her Something Beyond the Sky.

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