Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh, For the Love....

So I have this LOOMING deadline and I can't make myself work on it. I leave for conference in something like four weeks and I have NOTHING. Which I've mentioned, and I'm okay with, BUT I signed up for critiques and special sessions and I have to turn in my manuscript which I've since decided is un-salable. Which leaves me sending that for scrutiny (I feel like I should include a disclaimer that says "I know, won't sell.") or writing something new. Which I totally could do, except I just don't want to.

Not only that.

I can't get up the energy to blog, to review, to clean, ANYTHING. Even practically go to the pool.

I blame the baby.

Meanwhile, what do I do? Read. Just finished Brandilyn Collins "Violet Dawn" which was smashing, of course. And I promised I would not start anything else until I sent in my stuff.

What did I do this afternoon? Start a book.



Julie Carobini said...

Send in the so-called 'unsaleable' idea and see what the critiquer says!!! When you've read something 32,000 times, of course it looks like sludge. Take it from someone who knows :-0

Camy Tang said...

Oh man I can totally relate. Well, the the procrastination, not the reading VD, which I'm hoping to get to once I get through the other books I'm supposed to read for review. Since when does a writer not have time to read???

I agree with Julie on the "unsaleable" part. You never know what the critiquer will say. Don't lose hope!