Sunday, August 13, 2006

My So-Called Love Life

Okay, I know that Allie guest blogged and I pushed her novel, My So-Called Love Life, on August 1-3 (ish). But since then...

Last week I again found myself without kids (for the last time for, probably, two years!) so on Thursday I made my way over to Target (the best place I know of to find the Love Inspired line) to get Allie Pleiter's latest book. I got home at 5:44. I remember this because Hubs and I had made late-from-work plans. I was in the middle of another book (terrible stuff) and I knew that even though I should read that awful book, if I didn't start Allie's I'd make Hubs watch a movie. I get that way when I know I should do something and I don't wanna. So..... it being 5:44 I decided I would better serve my spouse to read a book I wanted to read than to rent a movie he wouldn't want to see.

Let me jut tell you I finished that book that night. By 11. And I took an hour off for dinner (around 8). It was so good. I even let Hubs go to bed without me. I never let him go to bed first. It messes up both our nights.

So, in case you didn't trust my judgment earlier this month when I just trusted Allie to put out something good, trust it now when I tell you it is her best yet. (And I think I've read all her stuff in print...).

And don't forget, it is only out this month, so don't procrastinate. Either Amazon it below or run out to your friendly Target ($3.74).

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kpjara said...

Well then, I will just go to Target this evening and pick it up!

Thanks for the referral and reminder...