Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What was your first hint?

I'd already read the bad reviews for "Barnyard" (in theatres everywhere) and seen the previews so I knew about the, ahem, anatomy anomaly. Frodo wants to know "why that cow have four peters?"

Okay so "cows" can have udders, but what's with all those guy bovine with udders? And even after people started coming back (previews, ya know) asking why "Otis" had udders, did they not even consider removing them? Was it a genuine mistake, or did they do it on purpose?

I have to say I was embarrassed for the bulls and the creators throughout the movie.

Which, incidentally I didn't see all of.

Because the film broke.

How many years has it been since a film broke on you? I didn't even know they used film anymore. And maybe they don't. But something certainly didn't work. And once they got it fixed (20 minutes later) they started the movie way into it (20 min perhaps?). And then it broke again. And once they got that fixed, we'd missed more of the movie.

And I don't feel like I missed enough to bother going back.

I think I'll use my "readmit" ticket to see something else. (They lady told me I could.)

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