Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here's an Idea

I've been fussing with my friends about school supplies. Sure, you can get ten cent notebooks at Wal-Mart, but when the teacher insists upon a certain brand of paints and markers it can get expensive fast. For example: Prang Paints. One, they are $3.50. Two, the kids used them, maybe, twice. But this summer they've used them enough that I have to buy new. Very Frustrating. Why the expensive brand if you won't use them anyway? However, on a whim today I checked Amazon. Lo and behold, they beat Wal-Mart prices. I'm going to check Crayola washable markers now, but I thought I'd share.

And for those of you who live nearby, if you haven't bought yet and want to combine an order to avoid shipping, let me know. Because once you pay shipping, well, it defeats the purpose.

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Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Some of us locals don't believe in activities that might be entertaining for our kids during the summer. With that said, we think the water colors were used once, and therefore will be reusing ours. We appreciate the tip though. By the way Horsehead lady, what the heck were you talking about with your cosmic jargon. Maybe you need another pepsi.