Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In Answer...

No, no and double no, Nurse Boy. I do not keep that show on the air. However...

I am not known for having good taste in television. As my addiction to Survivor 2 (Outback) can attest. (take THAT Nurse Boy!) Is there anything GOOD on TV? (Aside from Heroes which I didn't discover until the third to last episode and isn't playing this summer. And is still gory.)

I don't have cable.

The baby's been sick, won't sleep and won't let me read.

Desperate times require desperate measures.

I watched some NOVA thing on PBS about glowing microbes. I watched a bit of that Candid Camera thing I think they call Just for Laughs (okay and the dude peeing into a theme park river was too funny!). And eventually the options were Who's the Boss or Shaq.

I wanted some motivation to NOT eat the ice cream, but it ended up back firing.

I enjoyed every bite, by the way.

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