Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unceremoniously Dumped

I realized this week that I have been let go from my columnists position.

I knew it was only a year commitment, but I thought that since there were several of us sharing the post, we'd go through the whole round (of 17). Since I am approximately 15 on the 17 scale, my number didn't come back up for the fourth round in the year's time.

This week they started the new year's columnists.

I was trying to figure out what to write for my "last column" and I realized I don't even get to do it. There was no email thanking me for my year, my contributions, for nothing (you know, "thanks for nada lady"). Nothing that said, "by the way, I know you are due, but you've been replaced."

I knew it was only for a year, but I guess I expected more than just the quiet ushering out. The silence of nothing.

I feel deflated.


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Julie Carobini said...

That stinks. Seriously.