Monday, July 02, 2007

The Things We Talk About

This morning at play group I brought up calories, I don't know, three, four, six times?

I didn't know I thought about calories that much. Calories. Not fat. Not carbs. Calories. I didn't know I thought about any of those things that much. Seriously.

(I must be at that post-partum time when I think I will be stuck with this body forever. I can't exercise, so I must have to change my intake. Which is scary because I love intaking.)

I know I've read a couple books recently, for review, that talked about health and fitness, plus I watched Shaq's Big Challenge last week, so I have thought about those things more than normal. But to turn every conversation into boring can you get? Who wants to talk about the sinfulness of food? Food is to be enjoyed, in my opinion.

When I get a frappuccino, man, I don't want to think about how many calories are in it. I don't get one very often because of it, but dude, when I have it, I have it. Full fat, full cal, venti, pure delight.

Calories? Seriously.

Next week I'll probably bring up the greenhouse effect a hundred times. Bleh.

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