Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You'd Think He'd Know Me By Now

So, I'd ripped a recipe page out of a magazine and left it on my kitchen counter. Apparently, Hubs came along and scooped it up (presumably to find out what he'd be forced to eat next week). He came upstairs concerned.

"So that recipe on the counter.....?"

"The bananas foster?" (his favorite dessert in all the world, but I've never made it and until last week had never seen a recipe)

"Oh, good," He smirked. "I picked it up and thought, 'Penne with Cauliflower? What is Jamie thinking?' Then I saw the sauteed Bananas over Ice Cream with Oatmeal-Rum Cookies. I hoped..."

Uh, hello? When have I ever cooked cauliflower as a main dish?

I have been talking about calories too much lately.


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Anonymous said...

I say make him eat cauliflower!