Friday, July 20, 2007

My Name is Jamie

And I'm a Pepsi-holic.

I opened the fridge this morning, going for the milk, when I spotted it. An open two liter. Suddenly that was all I wanted. All I could think about. That eight cups of coffee I'd just brewed? Not interested. The standard breakfast fare of a string cheese stick? No thanks. Not unless I could have a Pepsi with it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem.

I do OK as long as Hubs doesn't crack open a two liter and store it in the fridge. Room temperature Pepsi has no hold over me. A sealed two liter I can resist. Especially if it is in the garage. A can, even in the fridge? I can usually hold off until my 3 o'clock break. That open two liter first thing in the morning?

I can think of nothing else.


MotherT said...

My morning starts with a Diet Pepsi! E V E R Y M O R N I N G!!!

If Hubs is going to leave it in the fridge, go ahead a finish it off! (It actually has less caffeine per ounce than most coffees!)

Chaos-Jamie said...

If I could talk myself into the Diet version, I don't think I'd have quite the guilt. It is the sugar/caffeine combo that I'm addicted to. Well, and the fizz...

I used to have a roommate who would drink caffeine free diet Pepsi with the fizz shaken out. Tell me, why not drink Kool-aid?