Saturday, September 29, 2007

Frodo Again

This kid is a card. A delight to my soul. When he is minding, of course.

Tonight at dinner he announces, "I have a brilliant idea! For me, anyway." He's four people! His brilliant idea (now that you are all wondering) was that he would eat his pizza and then drink his pop so that he would have some left after dinner was over. (Did you read that right? Yes. I gave him pop for dinner. One third of a can.)

Second, he's taken to playing with the boy trapped in the mirror.

At least he isn't imaginary.

Third. He's taken to buckling Jesus into the van whenever we go somewhere.

Again. At least He isn't imaginary. Someone out there might think so, but as far as I'm concerned, I like having Him in the van with me. Preferably in the driver's seat, but the back bench seat will do. Nothing like a gold embossed invite though, to have a four year old do your seatbelt.

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