Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here's A Shoutout

I think I said something about these people before, but let me reenumerate.

This place rocks.

I've decided it is more, much more, than having dinner already assembled when dinner time comes. It is more than the high quality of food you put before your family. It is more than being cheaper than eating out.

They do your dishes.

See, you go online, you pick out what you want to cook. You go in. You assemble your meals using the already chopped, peeled, diced, grated, you name it, gathered together ingredients. You even put your meals into their baggies or disposable pans.

They come along and clean up after you.

While you are off putting the cooking directions label on your newly assembled food, they sweep in, grab all the dishes and disappear with them, just after they wipe the area down.

Fast forward an hour, you are escorted out to your car where Gary helps you unload your 12 meals into your cooler (they make sure that 12 meals will fit into a standard refrigerator freezer). You drive home, unload 11 meals into the freezer, set the 12th out for dinner. Lord willing, your kitchen is clean when you get there.

You pop the meal either in a crock pot, onto the grill, or in the oven. You pull it out. You serve it. You wad the baggie or aluminum pan into the trash, load the 5 plates into the dishwasher, brush off your hands and go play Uno.

It isn't just the pan that you get to throw away. It is all the mixer beaters and measuring spoons and mixing bowls, and measuring cups and the messy cabinet you don't have to wash. It is the 14 times of a child not having to ask, "When will you be done so you can come play?" while you frantically try to make something healthy. It is hours off your day.

I've tried once a month cooking. And though it is wonderful, it takes all of a day and a good half of another to buy and prepare the ingredients. I have friends who have tried some of the other versions of this. They agree this is the best one out there, that the others (who cost more) still have several steps of cooking once you get home (thus minimizing the no dishes concept that I so love), and the food isn't as good.

I have methods. I like my methods. And I could do it cheaper. I have. However, I've been out of YOK meals now for a week and I'm going stir crazy with ALL THESE DISHES! And ALL THIS WORK! So I'm going back. Next weekend.

If any of you live nearby and want to join me, I'd love to see you there!

(And NO, Gary didn't put me up to this. This is all me.)

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Andy Potter said...

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