Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Spider

Size is about accurate. Photo from here.
I did finally find it again. When I found it, there were no babies on "her" back, so I am hoping "she" was a "he" or at least not carrying babies that could have potentially infested my home. And I certainly hope there isn't still a she with her offspring residing in my home.

And as a good science teacher, spidey is currently residing in a clear shoe box (with duct tape all around the lid) in my children's classroom.

Shut up.

I didn't want to feel the squish.

But man can that thing jump and run. You could hear it scrabbling around the box last night.



MotherT said...

EEEWWWWW!!!! In the words of an old Mac Davis song:
"I don't like spiders and snakes and that ain't what it takes..."

**shudder, shudder**

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

My mother in law is not a spider fan. Whenever you are about to kill a spider in her presence, you have the shoe in the air about the strike she shrieks, "its a jumper". Not good on the nerves of steel. I hear wolf spider babies like to crawl in your ear at night and nibble on your brain. I think I read that somewhere.

mamashine said...

I absolutely could not leave a spider that big in a box. I'd be a-squishing for sure.