Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh, the Anxiety

Today was trash day. My favorite day of the week.

Today was also Vets donation pick up day. My favorite day of the bi-month.

I'm reading two de-cluttering books. (I highly recommend them both.)

You don't even want to know what just drove away from my house. I tried to not look in the bags again, just to make sure, but I did.

I shouldn't have.

We never will miss that stuff.

Some of it has been in those bags for two months, just to see if we'll miss it, and we didn't.

But now it is really and truly gone.

I'd feel liberated if I wasn't so busy fretting.

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JJ_West said...

OH, isn't it SO hard to let go sometimes? I always try to convince myself of how frugal I am being by keeping it on the off-chance that we may decide to use it. I have to repeat lots of scripture to myself about "not storing up treasures here on earth." Best of luck in your effort to curb clutter and create a house that cleans itself. :D