Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Knew Better

So, yes, I greatly enjoyed Heroes, even if I did have to nurse the baby in the middle of it. And I'm a little freaked that the amnesiac Peter Patrelli might be being used as an assassin. And is the flying boy a good guy or a bad guy? (I so knew he was one of the gifted.) It will take all year to find out, I'm sure.

But the nightmares!

So last night I flew (I imagine with Nathan Patrelli, it was certainly with someone) but he dropped me, but as in most falling dreams, I bounced, because I think I was made out of some wierd substance like the silver surfer (which was previewed during Heroes), but I didn't know I was going to bounce. And I'm sure that Sylar was in the mix somewhere.

This, my friends is why I don't watch TV. It infiltrates my dreams. I did OK watching the Heroes reruns this summer because I saw the ending last spring so I knew who lived. This should be an interesting year.

Anyway, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Disney Grandma! I just found out that a new little miss will share your big day!

What will Charming do with all these baby girls to choose from? He better keep those dimples to himself.

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mamashine said...

So what's with Claire's new friend who flies like Nathan? I thought powers were one of a kind?
I was hoping for a little more action, I have to admit. And who locked up Peter?