Saturday, September 29, 2007

Something's Been Bothering Me

I'm one of those people who makes comments on the fly and then has to go back and apologize later. I find myself regretting something and feeling the need to clarify. Again.

When I gripe about the dishes and the lack of them that a certain spouse does...I'm not really griping about him. I am griping about the dishes. And the large volume of them.

I don't really expect Hubs to do the dishes. It is like him expecting me to mow the lawn.


Or, heaven forbid, get a job.


It isn't like I couldn't do those things. Well, the job would be tricky with the breastfeeding infant and the daycare expense and the housework but I understand there are lots and lots of women that do just that.

I suppose I could try to start the mower. I did, in fact, try that once. I couldn't pull the string fast enough to ever get the thing going. I haven't tried since. That was back in, oh, 2000. So when he points out that the yard needs mowed, I know that he isn't suggesting that I do it. So when I point out that the dishes need doing and that I hate doing them, he knows that I'm not suggesting that he do them. (Not that I would mind, mind you, but I'm not making the suggestion.)

But I don't think that you, dear reader, know this. And I've been feeling like I've been griping about Hubs (as far as the (snort) national audience is concerned).

So there ya go. Clarity.

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mommy4life said...

I tried to mow once too, and tore up the yard, because I didn't drop the self-propel handle when turning. I was sore from fighting it too!

I get you, too.