Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, And Theresa?

No all grandparents aren't "that bad."

However, Disneyland grandparents present their own unique set of circumstances. I wouldn't call it "bad," but it is a whole lot easier to smile and let them give the kids pop (soda, Coke, cola) than fight the process.

Even if we do take three days to get off the sugar high.


the lizness said...

Yes, well, Dad plans to have chocolate cake for breakfast when his grandkids are around. It's payback, I guess. :)

MotherT said...

The WonderHusband and I try NOT to be "Disneyland" grandparents, but occasionally we slip. I got in "trouble" this week for buying a cactus for one grandson--I didn't know that he had been told "No!" by BOTH parents (at separate times) in previous shopping trips.

Just remember, Jamie, one day you will get to be the grandparent, and you will have the opportunity to create havoc or harmony!