Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Speaking of dogs...

Last night the news headlined with a guy who, from the inside of his house, pulled a gun on a reporter. Who called 911.

Are you kidding me? Since when do reporters have the right to come onto your property? And since when do you NOT have the right to cock a shotgun inside your own home? Seriously.

What is beyond ridiculous is that they were going to the home to interview the guy whose dog mauled two people earlier in the day. So, though they mentioned the mauling in passing, they showed the gun threat 3 times in a single story. This is news? That people don't want reporters sticking their mics in their faces? And why did we all of a sudden decide to not show the mauling story? Did they really think this was better? Come on.

This is why I don't watch the news.

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Anonymous said...

Wait. I'm sorry. The reporter was standing on the property of the guy with the gun, and instead of ... oh, I don't know ... LEAVING the property, he called 911?

What do you want to bet he was a colossal tattle tale in his playground days.