Monday, June 23, 2008

As If!

I just opened a credit union account online for my "insurance" (who conveniently denied my claim today) and had to verify my identity. They gave me, among other things, a list of previous phone numbers that may or may not have been mine and I was to choose mine.

Let me just say here that I've had my current phone number for nine years now.

The phone number I had before that one I had for something like 6 months.

I picked the only one that looked like it might be vaguely familiar. Not that I ever dialed that number.

I guess I guessed right, because they gave me the account.

But seriously. As if. They also asked my previous address. Not from a list. I was supposed to come up with it out of thin air. I've lived here five years. Who keeps information around like that? Who wastes brain cells remembering stuff like that? We moved three times in 11 months when we fist moved to this city. I'd have to drive past the other places to remember those addresses. I guess I guessed right on that one also, though, because, like I said, they decided I was me and gave me the account.

So that they can continue to not pay my bills.


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